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PHD Travel Newsletters

PHD Travel is a boutique travel agency based in Sao Paulo, Brazil with more than 10 years experience. 

When it comes to boutique travel products, one could almost say it’s as close to custom as you can get – reserved for those seeking something exclusive and ideal for anyone who likes their needs catered to.

Elegance is the essence of luxury
and a large part of why boutique appeals to so many, but is only reserved for some.

The newsletters had to show some of the best travel and leisure experiences in the world, from the glorious setting to the carefully-selected amenities, the scrumptious food and wine to the unparalleled service.

This is luxury's essence, and that is what PHD Travel offers to
its clients.

Frisco Travel is a small travel agency based in Argentina and started out organizing trips for friends and family in August 2001.

Being a small local business mean that it has special clients and wants to keep it that way, so it has unique needs when it wants to reach them.
This is why all the trips made by the agency are customized to the client's needs, combining the owner own experiences with those of his local contacts, in order to turn the trip into a exquisite and memorable experience.

Having such special customers made that the newsletters needed to talk directly with each one of them.

For this reason, many of them include a letter on the top, written by the owner himself, as well all the uniqueness of the tailor-made itineraries curated by him.

Frisco Travel Newsletters

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