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Here are some branding projects that I made for my clients. They include logos, business cards, stationery and office supplies, bags, typography and much more.

Embarque Turismo

Embarque Turismo, a Brazilian travel agency, wanted to renew its brand, untouched since its founding in 1987, but wanted to keep some of its main elements, such as the dolphin and it´s traditional green color.
The solution presented was a new logo using only white and green colors, making it easier to apply it in white or colored backgrounds (against destinations photos), with a modern typography and a new style dolphin silhouette.

David Maldonado Studio

David Maldonado, an architect based in São Paulo, Brazil, opened his own studio after working in famous offices in the region. For his brand, he wanted something that would resemble to his name initials and walls in perspective.   He also wanted the gold ratio to be used. This harmony and proportion has been recognized for thousands of centuries: from the Pyramids in Giza to the Parthenon in Athens; from Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel to Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

Clínica OftalmoVita

OftalmoVita is an eye clinic located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Its logo represent a cross, which is medicine's symbol, and an eye. It also includes the clinic initial letters - O and V. 

Green was chosen as the main color of the brand. According to psychology, green is the easiest color for the retina to perceive. It also relaxes mind and body and stimulates a healthy living style.

XRef IT Solutions

The company wanted a logo that represents infinity, alluding to the large quantity of services the company offers.
The solution presented was a logo that represents infinity using triangles, which brought mathematics to the brand design.

Arithmetic is used in many functions of programming and in almost every program written. Algebra is used to solve simple problems that many computer programmers will encounter.

Sweet B Desserts 

Sweet B is a brand of special handcrafted desserts. For the holiday season, the owner asked for an allusion to Christmas in her logo. In addition, she asked for a simple packaging that could accommodate  various types and sizes of products to be delivered to the customers.

The solution was to replace the pink B of the logo with a red one and include a stylized cherry on it, both color and fruit very traditional during Christmas season.

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