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In this page you will find some of the projects I have made to be printed, including hard-cover books and a squared format brochure.

PHD Travel's Annual Portfolio Book

An annual hard-cover book with some of the best destinations, hotels, cruises and services offered by PHD Travel, a boutique travel agency, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The book incudes some of the most luxurious, exclusive and unique hotel and tourism experiences in the world.

This is a smaller, paperback saddle stitch version of the agency's annual travel book. This magazine focuses in the benefits offered by the agency partners, including some of the most luxurious hotels, travel and hospitality companies in the world.

PHD Travel's Midyear Pocket Magazine

Sanofi Employees Portfolio

This hardcover book was primarily designed as a Human Resources Powerpoint presentation (see it here), with details about Sanofi and their sub-brands employees.

The presentation content and design was highly acclaimed, leading the company to request a printed version of the material, in a hard-cover book format, to be used as an employees portfolio, and distributed to the company's top-tier executives.

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